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We accompany community processes and grassroots organizations who embody nonviolent resistance as a tool of defense against the violent framework that dominates politics, economics, and culture.

The Colombian people continue to suffer a widespread threat of violence from legal and illegal armed actors after more than 60 years of internal conflict and civil war. Since the mid-50s, social movements that challenge the power structures have been specifically targeted and suppressed by the government.

Our team travels regularly to be present with small farming and mining communities in the rural areas of the Magdalena Medio region, caught in the crossfires of decades of war and more recently, hyper-development. In the city of Barrancabermeja, we also partner with local human rights organizations in their efforts to highlight the effects of a conflict that has permeated the urban social structures through organized crime, micro-trafficking and displacement from rural areas.

Our call to peacemaking means living, working, and worshiping in community, drawing from a variety of spiritual traditions that ground us in a common goal for peace.

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COLOMBIA UPDATE: June 16-30, 2003

June 16
CPT members encountered a group of paramilitary members at the junction of
the Colorado and Opón rivers, who left about five minutes after CPT's
arrival. Later in the afternoon, the team returned to the area and found
that a CPT banner had been torn into pieces. The banner, created by the
delegation of North Americans in February, read "Do Justly, Love Mercy, Walk
Humbly with your God, Micah 6:8."

In March another banner was spray painted with "AUC BCB" graffiti,
signifying the presence of the Central Bolivar bloc of the United
Self-Defence Forces of Colombia, the paramilitary army.

There aren't any events planned in this region at this time.

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