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CPT INTERNATIONAL: Remembering Anne Montgomery

Sister Anne Montgomery died of cancer on 27 August 2012, in Atherton, CA at the age of 85. Anne was a Sacred Heart sister and member of Christian Peacemaker Teams from 1995, serving on projects in Hebron and Iraq.


CPT INTERNATIONAL: Help CPT come up with a new logo

Christian Peacemaker Teams seeks supporters' input toward development of a new, yet-to-be-dreamed-up logo. 

Please offer your two cents by taking this brief survey.

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Peacemaker delegation dates announced

Christian Peacemaker Teams announces the dates of peacemaker delegations to CPT project sites during 2013. Delegates connect with communities experiencing violence and take part in collaborative nonviolent action and advocacy.

Delegations are open to all interested people and do not require specific training. The fourteen delegations announced for 2013 are in addition to five scheduled during the remainder of 2012.

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Making the difference

120725 partnersCPTers are there at the side of peacemaking partners laying their lives on the line. In what way will you be a part of the action? 

CPT INTERNATIONAL: New dates for delegations

Three delegations in 2012 have dates changed from those previously announced. Training is not required for these intensive peacemaking visits to crisis settings. Delegations are open to all interested.


CPT INTERNATIONAL: Palestine Project Support Coordinator position opening

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) invites expressions of interest in and nominations for the two-thirds time position of Palestine Project Support Coordinator. The Coordinator will provide leadership and support for CPT Palestine and, as a member of the Support Team, will serve as primary link between the project and the rest of CPT. 

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Mission, Vision and Values

Over the last couple of years, CPT has been engaged in an organization-wide “Mission and Presentation Re-visioning” process. We are pleased to unveil the fruits of our collaborative process to date.


 In 1963, Gene Stoltzfus went to Vietnam as a Conscientious Objector with IVS (International Voluntary Services.)  Six months later, when Gene unintentionally wandered into a Special Forces camp, he was welcomed as a fellow American.   He asked two men who had come in from patrol where they had been.  When they would not tell him, except to brag that they had made several kills, he found himself wondering, “If I speak some Vietnamese but can’t tell who are the VC (Vietcong), how can these men, who speak no Vietnamese, tell?”

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Call for Expressions of Interest in and Nominations for an interim CPTnet editor

Christian Peacemaker Teams invites expressions of interest in the one year, 1/4 time, temporary position as CPTnet editor starting summer 2012 when the current editor begins her sabbatical.  

Editing CPTnet
 -Following the releases that teams on project locations are writing for CPTnet.  (The editor is also encouraged to follow blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts of individual CPTers in the field as time allows.)
- Vetting, organizing and editing releases from teams in English (includes communication as needed with teams for clarification.)
 - Posting edited releases to CPTnet, CPT’s English language news service, which provides news updates, reports, reflections, prayer requests and action alerts to its readership.
- Communicating with translators and posting Spanish versions of releases to redECAP, CPT’s Spanish language news service. 
+If time allows, taking on other communication-related responsibilities.

Approximately ten hours a week, flexible location and work hours.  On-call for occasional quick editing and posting of breaking developments in the field.


CPT INTERNATIONAL: Send applications to join the Christian Peacemaker Corps before 1 May 2012


Did you participate in a recent Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) delegation that whetted your appetite for embodied peace work, partnering with others working nonviolently for justice, and confronting the injustice that leads to war?  Does CPT's style of peacemaking, confronting injustice, and undoing oppressions work fit with yours?  Is now the time to take the next step and join the Peacemaker Corps?

If so, please send your application to join the CPT Corps before 1 May 2012 for participation in CPT's July-August Peacemaker Training in Chicago 13 July- 13 August 2012.  Participants are encouraged to apply now. Doing so will make it possible to notify those accepted for training in plenty of time to make travel arrangements. You will find the application at www.cpt.org/participate/peacemaker/apply

We are committed to anti-oppression work both in and out of CPT, and we seek others also interested in this work. We are seeking applicants available for stipend-eligible service, as well as reservists. For answers to more specific questions email Adriana Cabrera-Velásquez, personnel coordinator, at personnel@cpt.org.