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CPT INTERNATIONAL: Two donors to match all donations under $5000 sent before 31 October 2010

In response to our request for financial help last month, two CPT donors stepped forward, offering to match all donations made between now and 31 October up to $5,000. If you can donate $10, that means $20 for peacemaking work in Colombia, Iraq, Canada, and Palestine.  If you can donate $1000, that means $2000!  Help us take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Send applications for winter training before 15 October 2010

Did you participate in a recent Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) delegation that whetted your appetite for embodied peace work, partnering with others working nonviolently for justice, and confronting the injustice that leads to war?  Does CPT's style of peacemaking, confronting injustice, undoing oppressions work fit with yours? Is now the time to take the next step and join the Peacemaker Corps?


Christian Peacemaker Teams’ income from individuals, groups, and grants for the first six months of this financial year is U.S. $77,000 less than the same period last year.  This figure reflects a drop of 23%.  Can you help us make up that shortfall over the next two months?  Follow this link to make a contribution.

For an overview of CPT’s work in 2009, including a financial summary, see http://cpt.org/news/year_in_review

CHICAGO/TORONTO: CPT seeking peacemakers for September and October delegations

Christian Peacemaker Teams is seeking applications for early autumn delegations to Palestine/Israel (5-18 October; apply by 8 September); Colombia (13-26 October 2010; apply by 15 September); and Treaty #3 territory in Northwest Ontario (24 September-6 October, apply by 8 September).  Delegates to each of these areas become familiar with situations of injustice affecting local people and become effective instruments for peace as they spread the word about what they see and hear in their home communities and elsewhere. 

CHICAGO/TORONTO: Christian Peacemaker Teams announces delegations autumn 2010 through 2011.

Christian Peacemaker Teams announces delegations to Treaty #3 Territory, Colombia, Palestine/Israel and northern Iraq, autumn 2010 through 2011. CPT is a faith-based group that seeks participants who are interested in human rights work, committed to nonviolence and to undoing racism, and willing to participate in team worship and reflection. Delegates should have plans to share about the trip upon return to their home communities and congregations.

CPTnet now available in Spanish!/ redECAP ahora en español!

9 July 2010
CPTnet now available in Spanish!

Please spread the word!  CPTnet, the e-mail news service of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) is now available in Spanish.  To receive daily updates, reports, reflections, prayer requests and action alerts in Spanish from all of CPT's projects, contact sophiah@cpt.org or go to http://mailman.cpt.org/mailman/listinfo/redecap.


9 de julio de 2010
RedECAP ahora en español!


Por favor correr la voz! redECAP, el servicio de noticias por correo electrónico de Equipos Cristianos de Acción por la Paz (ECAP) está disponible en español. Para recibir actualizaciones diarias, informes, reflexiones, peticiones de oración y alertas de acción en español de todos los proyectos de ECAP, comuníquense con sophiah@cpt.org over http://mailman.cpt.org/mailman/listinfo/redecap.

CHICAGO/TORONTO: Applications invited for stipend-eligible members of CPT’s field teams

CPT has immediate openings for full-time or part-time stipend-eligible members of its field teams in Colombia, Iraq, and Palestine.  If you have questions about responsibilities and qualifications stipended positions entail, contact dougp@cpt.org.

Compensation is a subsistence stipend based on need.  Persons with the required experience and skills who have not gone through CPT training are welcome to request application materials from CPT. Such individuals will need to participate in a CPT delegation and successfully complete the standard month-long training and discernment process before CPT support team members finalize their appointment to a field team.

CPT is engaged in the process of building an anti-racist identity for our organization and is working towards becoming a more diverse community.  As with every CPT position, factors other than job-specific skills and experience may be taken into account to meet these goals.  Members of indigenous or racialized groups therefore are encouraged to apply.

CHICAGO/TORONTO: Memorial services for Gene Stoltzfus

On Wednesday, 10 March 2010, Christian Peacemaker Team’s founding director Gene Stoltzfus died in Fort Frances, Ontario when his heart stopped while he was bicycling near his home on the first spring-like day of the year.  Gene Stoltzfus touched many lives in many places.  Communities around the world are gathering to remember him.  Following are details of some memorial services:


In April 2004, the world awakened to a horrible scene in Fallujah, Iraq.  Insurgents had ambushed a vehicle carrying civilian U. S. Government mercenary contractors and killed them.  They hung two burned corpses in downtown Fallujah, where they dangled for several days.  Commentators immediately compared the Fallujah footage to that of dead soldiers dragged through the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993.  However, the victims in Somalia were American soldiers.  The victims in Fallujah were American mercenaries employed by Blackwater Inc., renamed XE in 2007.

We are entering a new era of mercenary warriors.

FORT FRANCES, ONTARIO: Gene Stoltzfus 1940-2010 – PRESENTE!

Gene Stoltzfus

11 March 2010

FORT FRANCES, ONTARIO: Gene Stoltzfus 1940-2010 – PRESENTE!

Wednesday, 10 March, Christian Peacemaker Team’s founding director Gene Stoltzfus died in Fort Frances, Ontario when his heart stopped while he was bicycling near his home on the first spring-like day of the year.  He is survived by his wife Dorothy Friesen and many peacemakers who stand on the broad shoulders of his 70 years of creative action.

Gene was at the heart of those who planted and nurtured the vision for teams of peacemakers partnering with local communities in conflict zones to build justice and lasting peace which has grown into CPT.  Gene played key roles in CPT's founding gathering of Christian activists, theologians and other Church leaders at Techny Towers outside Chicago, IL in 1986.