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U.S./CANADA: The CPT Boutique awaits your tax-deductible valuables!

An antique sapphire and diamond pin brought in $150.  Brass pineapple candleholders brought in $18.  A child’s Ethiopian dress brought in $40.  A 1927 edition of Winnie the Pooh brought in $35.  A Paragon bone china cup and saucer from the 1940s brought in $20.  Some 1854 stamps from India brought in $60.

All of these items were donated by CPT supporters over the last year to the CPT Boutique—one less material thing in their lives meant a little more money to support CPT’s work in the Middle East and the Americas.

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Projects face cutting as donations lag

Wars continue to boil.  Occupations char the land.  Nonviolent uprisings sizzle with hope. CPTers stand side by side with peacemakers in those hot places.

During the first six months of this fiscal year, donations to CPT from individuals were down 20% from last year.  We have managed to keep our already trim expenses lower.  But, overall, CPT is now US $67,000 behind our budget projection for this point in the year.  If donations do not increase in the coming months, important project work will need to be cut.  CPT's operations are already very lean.  The on-site and travel budget for the Iraq or Colombia projects is roughly 67,000 for the year.  That amount also roughly covers the expenses of four full-time CPTers for a year.  Can you help heat up the donations during these warm months?

Doug Pritchard and Carol Rose, Co-Directors
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CPT INTERNATIONAL: Create Space for Peace earns top honors in 2nd Annual International Book Awards

“Create Space for Peace,” a collection of CPT founding director Gene Stoltzfus’ experiences and insights gained from forty years of creative, nonviolent peacemaking made the list of finalists in the 2011 International Book Awards.
The JPX Media Group announced the winners and finalists of the 2nd annual awards on 11 May 2011 in Los Angeles, California.  Awards were presented to over 300 winners and finalists from eleven countries in 140 categories covering print and audio books.

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Benefactor will match all 25th anniversary donations up to $5000 this spring

Yes, friends, we need to do a little “preaching to the choir.” Many of you are already convinced that CPT is doing good work. As we celebrate twenty-five years of disciplined, nonviolent peacemaking, we face the challenge of ensuring the financial foundation to go forward for the next twenty-five years.

CPT continues to have a large chorus of strong and faithful contributors. With gratitude, we look to you for the sustained melody of funds needed to support accompaniment of local peacemakers in Colombia, Iraq, Palestine, First Nations, and elsewhere as they wage nonviolent direct action against systems of violence and oppression. 

In December and January individual donations dropped $70,000 (U.S.): 7% of our annual budget. How might you be able to help CPT make up the shortfall and advance into the next quarter century?

Make an anniversary donation today for $25, $250, $2500 or more!  This spring, a generous donor will match your gift up to $5000! 

ABORIGINAL JUSTICE: CPT Aboriginal Justice Team to participate in the Wild Goose Festival this summer

This summer the CPT Aboriginal Justice team will participate in the inaugural Wild Goose Festival set in North Carolina’s Shakori Hills from 23-26 June 2011.  The gathering will bring together disparate voices in a conversation on the present and future state of Christian faith in North America and around the world.  The organizers have invited Christian Peacemaker Teams to contribute by sharing tales from its work and its dream of a world without violence.  

COLOMBIA: Colombians not alone in struggle for Land Rights--Indian Land Reform Movement calls for South-South Solidarity and Global Action in 2012

In early March 2011 representatives from around the globe, including Colombia team member Eloy Garcia, gathered in New Delhi, India for three days.  The event, convened by Ekta Parishad, was a planning session for forming a global alliance called "South-South Solidarity— Global Action 2012."  

Ekta Parishad (“Unity Forum” in Hindi), is a federation of 11,000 organizations and counts more than one million supporters in at least fifteen Indian states.  Ekta Parishad espouses the Gandhian principles of nonviolence and works at the grassroots level so that all Indians can live in dignity with access to land, forest, and water.

CPT INTERNATIONAL: CPTer Anne Montgomery and four other Plowshares activists sentenced for trying to enforce international laws against nuclear weapons

On 28 March 2011, five Disarm Now Plowshares activists who entered U.S. Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor (Washington, USA) in November 2009 to disarm symbolically the nuclear weapons stored there, received sentences ranging from to six to fifteen months confinement and one year supervised release.  Long-time CPTer Sr. Anne Montgomery, sentenced to two months in jail plus four months electronic home monitoring, said, “We join those…deprived by our wars and military budget of a human way of life.”

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Walk the walk—CPT seeks applicants for Peacemaker Corps

CPT Announces Summer 2011 Peacemaker Corps Training in Chicago, IL USA, 15 July through 15 August 2011.  Applicants must have participated in a CPT delegation or equivalent CPT experience before June 2011. 

Full-time, and part-time positions with stipends are available, especially for the Palestine project, to start as early as September 2011.  Please send your Peacemaker Corps application to the Chicago office by May 1, mailing address P.O. Box 6508; Chicago, IL USA 60680; or fax: +1-773-376-0549; or e-mail: personnel@cpt.org

CPT delegation and Peacemaker Corps Applications can be found online: http://www.cpt.org/participate/peacemaker

CPT delegation dates and locations can also be found online: http://www.cpt.org/participate/delegation/schedule

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Create Space for Peace released on the eve of the first anniversary of the passing of CPT's Founding Director

Create Space for Peace is fresh from the printing press and available directly from CPT.
Create Space for Peace: 40 Years of Peacemaking draws directly from Gene Stoltzfus’ experiences around the world and contains pictures and stories of direct peace actions, along with critical assessments of current political and military trends.  It also documents the challenges and ecstasies on the inner journey of a passionate and joyful peacemaker.  This collection of Gene's writings and poignant reflections by others whom his life impacted will inspire those who wish to travel further on the road to global peace.
Order your copy of Create Space directly from CPT (email to sophiac@cpt.org )  CPT suggests a donation of $15 before March 11, 2011, or $20 after that date.  There are a variety of book launch events, check the createspace web site for details!



CPT INTERNATIONAL: CPTnet and the CPT web site now more accessible in Spanish (Español adelante)

Spread the word!  CPTnet is completely available in Spanish.  RedECAP offers frequent updates, reports, reflections, prayer requests, and action alerts in Spanish from all of CPT's projects.  Contact sophiac[at]cpt[dot]org to start receiving redECAP releases or go to http://mailman.cpt.org/mailman/listinfo/redecap