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Why do Border Police arbitratily hold up innocent children,
infants and parents at a checkpoint? The occupation
assures that rewards are in place for this and many other
repressive actions.

PALESTINE REFLECTION: Free Israel from itself

Graffiti on a low cement wall near a checkpoint our team monitors daily reads 'Free Israel'. It seems intended to rebuff the 'Free Palestine' that appears on many walls in the old city.

Prayers for Peacemakers, 22 May 2013

Lord, let your love fill the hearts of Palestinian
pupils, teachers and other peacemakers who
endure suffering. Strengthen their character, feed
their hope and lead them in your beautiful,
redeeming, nonviolent ways. 

AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Neighbour of CPT Hebron arrested for alleged stone throwing

A nieghbor of CPT Hebron was arrested under accusation of stone throwing and was later released.

PALESTINE REFLECTION: A right to education

On May 12, we arrived at Al Fakheit School where we were met by ā€œAl Jazeeraā€ journalists filming a documentary about the difficulty that children face in getting to school in Occupied Palestine. They told us about one school near East Jerusalem where children have to pass through a sewer pipe to reach their school. As we were describing similar difficulties faced by children in the South Hebron Hills, and the dangers of living in a live firing zone, the headmaster approached us looking crestfallen.

PALESTINE REFLECTION: Last-minute communion

Checkpoints and land seizures are hurting chances of making communion.

SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: Olive Trees Uprooted

Israeli soldiers and border police used a backhoe to uproot
200 young olive trees in the Palestinian village of Susya in
the South Hebron Hills on 23 April. 

PALESTINE REFLECTION: How far would you go in order to Worship?

Steadfastness in approaching
prayer is spiritual discipline, 
dignity protection and
nonviolent resistance.

AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Israeli soldiers arrest boy

Israeli soldiers in Hebron arrested a thirteen-year-old
boy from his house on 14 April.  Settlers and soldiers
physically prevented internationals from accompanying
the blindfolded child. 

Prayers for Peacemakers, April 10, 2013

God, grant that those persecuting you in your people in Palestine -- demolishing homes, cisterns and houses of prayer, and justifying the pillage by the need to practice war -- will turn from their vanity and practice love and peacemaking instead.