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PALESTINE: Freedom not just for birds

No checkpoints,
or metal detector
for her.


For a moment my heart stopped. An Israeli border police officer stationed near the Ibrahimi Mosque had recognized me, even though I wore neither the vest nor the red cap.


AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Media package now available

A new resource highlights CPT’s work and the historical context of this unique city in word and image.


AL-KHALIL: CPT Palestine in the News

CPT Palestine announces the launch of the “CPT Palestine in the News,” a web page featuring articles, interviews and references by and about members of Christian Peacemaker Teams’ Palestine project.

AL-KHALIL: Israeli military forcefully shuts down Old City

On 10 July the Israeli military entered the old city of Hebron without warning or explanation and shut down every shop in the old market. They blocked pedestrian exits and detonated percussion grenades at close range to shopkeepers and pedestrians. They also threw the grenades into homes before searching them.

AL-KHALIL: Palestinians protest turnstile installation at military checkpoint

Sixty Palestinians protested the installation of a turnstile at an Israeli military checkpoint in Al-Khalil on 9 July. Children as young as six played a key role in the protest and faced soldiers' physical and verbal responses to the protesters' indignation.

AL-KHALIL REFLECTION: A New Day in Palestine

An eight-year-old Palestinian child nears the Al Sahla checkpoint in Al Khalil. Twenty meters to go, she slows her pace, pulls her younger brother close to her side, placing her body between the soldiers and the boy. With one of her eyes on the soldiers and one on her brother they squeeze through the gate together and run home with their daily allotment from the soup kitchen in hand.

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Palestine Project Support Coordinator position opening

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) invites expressions of interest in and nominations for the two-thirds time position of Palestine Project Support Coordinator. The Coordinator will provide leadership and support for CPT Palestine and, as a member of the Support Team, will serve as primary link between the project and the rest of CPT. 

AL-KHALIL REFLECTION: Cat and mouse play

A young boy met the people leaving the Friday prayers at the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil, giving them a colourful paper with offers of flat screen TV's, vacuum cleaners and dishwashers. Young and old read the pamphlet with interest while two Israeli soldiers watched people passing and handed back to some of them the ID's they had taken on their way in.

Another boy about seven years old came, stood in front of the soldiers, ripped up the pamphlet with the vacuum cleaners and threw the pieces on the ground.

SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: In a bow to settlers, Israel threatens a Palestinian village

Palestinians from the village of Susya demonstrated on 16 June against the announced demolition of their homes. After receiving pressure from settler-led Zionist nongovernmental organization Regavim, the Israeli military issued a demolition order for approximately fifty structures, including house tents, solar panels and animal pens, threatening the entire village.