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AT-TUWANI REFLECTION: Why can’t you bring us our donkey?

When I saw Heba* talking to the Ma'on settlement guard, I went running towards her with my video camera poised. In At-Tuwani, Israeli settlers have attacked Palestinian children walking to school, as well as Palestinian adults working on their own land. But as I hurried towards Heba, I realized this seven-year-old was about to teach me a lesson in nonviolent resistance.

GAZA: Israeli "End the Siege" action at Erez Checkpoint

n 26 January 2008, almost 2000 people arrived at the Erez Checkpoint, Gaza, in a convoy of buses, trucks and cars, bringing two tons of food donated by the participants as well as five tons of essential foodstuffs and water distillers the organizers had purchased.

Jessica Frederick and Paulette Schroeder, representing the Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) in Hebron and Sean O’Neill a CPTer from At-Tuwani, traveled in the convoy along with representatives from at least twenty-six Israeli human rights and peace activist groups who had organized the action.

HEBRON/AT-TUWANI: Ash Wednesday and fasting resources for “Way of the Cross, in Occupied Palestine”

During Ash Wednesday services, consider including the following prayer:

“Creator God, the Parent of all people, we remember on this day of mourning all those suffering from injustice, war, and military occupation. We remember especially those living under military occupation in Palestine. We repent and mourn of the ways in which our government has participated in or complied with this occupation. May these ashes remind us of trees in Palestine that have become ashes – trees on Palestinian land that Israeli settlers have set on fire."


HEBRON/AT-TUWANI: CPT Palestine Announces "The Way of the Cross in Occupied Palestine" Campaign

CPT Palestine announces "Way of the Cross in Occupied Palestine," a Lenten campaign to raise awareness of the suffering of the Palestinian people living under Israeli military occupation. Each week in Lent, CPT Palestine will provide action ideas and worship resources that parallel the themes found in the Stations of the Cross, a tool used for reflection on the suffering and death of Christ.

AT-TUWANI: Christian Peacemaker Teams Releases Video of Settlers Firing on Palestinian Shepherds in South Hebron Hills

Late Saturday morning, 12 January 2008, settlers from the Hill 833 outpost (called Havat Ma'on by Israeli settlers) fired six shots at shepherds grazing their sheep in a nearby valley. Shepherds and international volunteers with them quickly moved to lower ground and sustained no injuries…

AT-TUWANI: Olive trees destroyed in the night.

Sometime between the afternoon of 12 January and the morning of 14 January 2008, six olive trees in Khoruba Valley, belonging to a Palestinian villager from At-Tuwani, were seriously damaged.

AT-TUWANI: Settlers fire on Palestinian shepherds in South Hebron Hills

Late Saturday morning, 12 January 2008, settlers from the expanding Havat Ma’on (Hill 833) outpost fired six shots at shepherds grazing their sheep in a nearby valley.

HEBRON URGENT ACTION: Stop-work order issued for clinic in the Beqa'a Valley

The Palestinian residents of the Beqa'a Valley are in danger of losing their clinic. The Israeli Civil Administration has issued a stop-work order for the building, which is under construction. Residents of the Beqa'a Valley have been building this clinic without governmental or outside funding, even though many residents have little or no paid employment.

AT-TUWANI UPDATE: December 2007

Every school day, the team monitored the Israeli army escort of children coming to and from the At-Tuwani school.  The soldiers were often late, which meant long waits for the children.  After calling Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights group, on December 9 and 10, the soldiers became more punctual.  The team accompanied Palestinian farmers plowing their fields near the Israeli settlement of Ma'on, and the settler outpost of Havot Ma'on, and undertook limited accompaniment of shepherds.

AT-TUWANI POEM: On these Hebron hills

On these Hebron Hills

walked Abraham and Sarah

and David, the king.