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HEBRON UPDATE: 8-15 March 2008

Saturday 08 March
Some of the schools in Hebron were open, to make up for a day lost earlier in the year because of heavy snowfall. In the old city, Al Fayha’a was open. The head-teacher of Al Ibrahimiyye School told CPTers he would not open the school for fear of attacks on the Palestinian children from settler children, which often happen on Saturdays.

Members of the delegation joined the team for school patrol. When Benvie, Frederick, and one of the delegates were on Shuhada Street, a young settler boy approached them. As the boy stepped towards the male delegate, Frederick stepped in the way (hoping that the boy would be reluctant to touch a woman.) The boy paused for a moment, and then kicked Frederick in the leg. An Israeli soldier stood close by and watched. Benvie repeated to the soldier that the boy kicked Frederick. The soldier ignored her and smiled at the boy, who went to stand beside the soldier, saying “Shabbat Shalom.” The boy picked up a stone and threw it towards Benvie, who was able to move out of the way. The soldier did nothing.


Tuesday 11 March

The delegation, along with Arbour, Fallon, Roe, and Wendeln went to the Israeli settlement of Efrat to sit shiva (pay their respects after a death, in the Jewish tradition) with a Jewish woman whose son Palestinian militants had killed in a Jerusalem Yeshiva on 6 March 2008. The woman has often welcomed CPT delegations to her house.

AT-TUWANI REFLECTION: The Stations of Shaadi

As we accompany shepherds in the South Hebron Hills, a place of great beauty, they often speak of the land they knew as children. Recently, as we accompanied one of them, Shaadi, he pointed out some of the landmarks in his memory along the way.

HEBRON URGENT ACTION: Save the Hebron orphanages and schools

On 25 February 2008, the General of Command (GOC) of the Israeli occupation army issued closure, evacuation and confiscation orders on properties and institutions funded by the Islamic Charitable Society. Three schools and two orphanages serving 7000 children faced an April 1 deadline for the closure…


Clergy groups, human rights groups, and other NGO's are invited to send representatives to the Hebron press conference or to write letters of support for the orphanage to

Please call, email or write to your government officials. Urge them to send a representative to the 7 April press conference and tour at the Hebron Girls' Orphanage on Salaam Street in Hebron. Below is a suggested list of contacts for this Urgent Action.

BEIT UMMAR: Bishop Thomas Gumbleton visits family of imprisoned mayor in Beit Ummar

The family of the Farhan Al Qam, the former mayor of Beit Ummar, welcomed Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and others into their home on 19 March 2008. Mr. Al Qam, also known as Abu Musa, could not join the group because he is locked in an Israeli prison. According to the family, the Israeli government has incarcerated Farhan for the last ten months because he is a member of Hamas, not for any wrongdoing. Shortly after the village elected him mayor of Beit Ummar, the Israeli authorities also imprisoned him for six months.

HEBRON: Update on orphanage evictions

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) and other internationals stayed overnight at the Al-Shar'iya Girls and Boys Orphanages on Monday night, 31 March, and Tuesday night 1 April. The General of Command (GOC) of the Israeli occupation army issued closure, evacuation and confiscation orders or the orphanages on 25 February 2008, citing a deadline of 1 April.

HEBRON UPDATE: 8 February-7 March 2008

Friday 08 February
Jessica Frederick, Barbara Martens, Doug Pritchard, Dianne Roe and other internationals visited the Beqa’a Valley to learn about demolition orders the Israeli military recently issued for the area. Hamed Awad*, a resident from the Beqa’a said, “We want the world to know there is enough violence for both sides. If I want the real peace, I must be ready to make two states. Palestinians are industrious, well educated and clever and can rebuild without any help from outside, even from Arab States.” He explained since 1970 he kept a list of all the names of homes and landowners in the area affected by demolitions or land seizures. The list represents approximately 650 people.


Sunday 2 March
In the afternoon, the team learned that the Israeli army was holding a young boy in the Dubboya checkpoint container near Tel Rumeida (the checkpoint was closed.) Benvie and Frederick went to investigate. Benvie asked a soldier why he was holding the boy. The soldier told her “He threw stones at my friends. He tried to kill them.” Benvie said, “He is just a young boy. His mother will be worried about him. You have punished him, so now maybe it is a good time to show kindness to him by releasing him.” The soldier replied by saying that the boy was “a murderer.” When Benvie said he had not murdered anyone, he responded that the boy was “a potential murderer.”

HEBRON: Sunday, 31 March 2008, Day of Prayer for Hebron's orphans

Christian Peacemaker Teams in Hebron is calling for Christians around the world to make Sunday, 30 March a day of prayer for the orphans of Hebron. On 25 February 2008, the Israeli army raided all of the buildings and institutions funded by Islamic Charities and gave orphanages and boarding schools until 1 April to evacuate students. On 6 March 2008, the Israeli army again stormed storage buildings of Islamic Charities, confiscating food, children's clothing, and kitchen appliances used to prepare meals for the orphans. These centers house, feed and educate 6000 children in Hebron.

AT-TUWANI: Settlers steal property, knock down CPTer, chase and shoot flocks in ten-day period.

On 16 March 2008, three Israeli settlers arrived just outside the village of At-Tuwani began chasing in their pickup truck young Palestinian shepherds and their flocks. A settler security agent from the settlement of Ma’on ripped a bag of herbs it from the hands of an eight-months pregnant Palestinian woman.

HEBRON: Israeli soldiers and settlers invade Palestinian home in Old City

On Wednesday, 19 March 2008, Israeli soldiers violently evicted the Egnabe family from their home in Hebron Old City. Israeli police arrested the father, Muhammad Egnabe, and B'Tselem* field worker Issa Amro, who was filming the eviction. The children cried and screamed as the Israeli forces threw the family’s furniture out of the house.

AT-TUWANI: Palestinians to rebuild homes demolished by Israeli military in Qawewis

Palestinian villagers from throughout the South Hebron Hills will gather Friday, 28 March 2008, in the village of Qawewis to begin rebuilding homes demolished on 19 March 2008 by the Israeli military.