Prayers for Peacemakers 17 April 2019

CPT SC April2019_1.jpg

Left to Right
Back Row = Marcos Knoblauch (Peacemaker Corps Rep; from Argentina serving with Colombia Program), Julie Brown (Peacemaker Corps Rep; from USA serving with Iraqi Kurdistan Program), Jakob Fehr (German Mennonite Peace Committee Rep; from Germany)
Middle Row = Rafael Lopera (Congregation of St. Basil Rep; from Colombia), Annelies Klinefelter (At-Large; from the Netherlands), Chrissy Stonebreaker-Martínez (At-Large; from USA), Nathan Hosler - Chair (Church of the Brethren Rep; from USA)
Front Row = Steve Heinrichs (Mennonite Church Canada Rep; from Canada), Tori Bateman (At-Large; from USA), Marie Benner-Rhoades - Vice-chair (On Earth Peace Rep; from USA), Timothy Wotring (Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Rep; from USA).
Not pictured but present at the meeting via ZOOM = Jason Boone (Mennonite Church USA Rep; from USA), Carolina Gouveia Santana (Peacemaker Corps Rep; from Brazil serving with Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Program).
Remaining members not pictured, unable to participate in meeting = Omar Harami (At-Large; from Palestine), Wilson Tan (At-Large; from Singapore)


Give thanks for the successful Steering Committee meetings last week.  Pray for an increase in the size of Christian Peacemaker Teams’ donor base and that the organization finds a full-time Development Coordinator soon.  The needs of CPT’s partners in Colombia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Palestine and the immigrants’ rights community are great; we want to continue supporting them to the best of our ability.