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Prayers for Peacemakers, April 3, 2013

Pray with Christian Peacemaker Teams partner Grassy Narrows First Nation after Ontario's Court of Appeals authorized Ontario to grant logging permits on the Nation's traditional territory, based on a colonial legal argument rejected by international law for centuries.

ABORIGINAL JUSTICE: Ontario appeals court rules against Grassy Narrows First Nation

On 18 March, Ontario's Court of Appeals ruled that Ontario has the authority to issue logging permits on Grassy Narrows (Asubpeeschoseewagong) traditional territory, overturning a previous Superior Court decision that sided with the community.

IRAQ: Ten years of lamentation, partnering and action

Ten years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, CPT,
together with uncounted Iraqi families, laments
the ongoing carnage that continues to echo from
that moment.

ABORIGINAL JUSTICE REFLECTION: "Do you drink water? Welcome to Idle No More."

The Idle No More movement is
drawing all kinds of people in.  
"We are only as strong as we
find a way to stand together."

Prayers for Peacemakers, March 6, 2013

Pray for strength for First Nations women in leadership roles in their communities and in grass roots social justice work. Pray for Canadian settlers to effectively deter the colonial oppression of predatory sexual assault by non-native men against First Nations women.