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Prayers for Peacemakers, June 12, 2013

Pray for Mi'kmaq and Maliseet people and their allies in New Brunswick, protesting
seismic testing and plans for fracking with its threat of contaminated land, water
and air.  Pray for courage among supporters, safety for activists, and a good mind
for police.

ABORIGINAL JUSTICE URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for those involved with the current fracking dispute in Mi’kmaq and Maliseet First Nations.

Christian Peacemaker Teams has received an urgent invitation to send a team to the Elsipogtog Reserve in New Brunswick following arrests of Indigenous and non-Indigenous activists, who are protesting the threat of the environmentally destructive “fracking” process.  Please share the following prayer with your faith communities and contacts. Follow the CPT Aboriginal Justice Facebook Page for more information as this situation develops.

Pray for Mi'kmaq and Maliseet people and their allies in New Brunswick, protesting seismic testing and plans for fracking that threatens to contaminate land and water.  Pray for all involved in the conflict, for courage among supporters, safety for activists, and what our indigenous partners call “a good mind” for police.



Our first evening on the Grassy Narrows reserve, we went to the local garbage dump to look for bears.  Watching them close-up was awesome, although seeing them in the context of a trash pile was troubling.  “So much garbage, just dumped right there in the middle of the forest,” I thought, “and this from people who are supposed to be defending nature and protecting Mother Earth!” Allowing myself to indulge in some ugly stereotypes of native people, I went back to our guesthouse with my nose held high.

 Trappers Center - Shoon and the gang
 May 2013 delegation to Grassy Narrows

On our last day in Grassy Narrows, as we were packing up and cleaning out the building in which we were staying, I saw the kitchen garbage can.  The thought went through my head, “We should bring this garbage back with us to Kenora.  Otherwise they’re just going to throw it out there on that garbage pile.”

Thankfully, I noticed the gaping hole in my logic before I voiced my thoughts:  What would happen to that garbage bag if we brought it back to Kenora?  We’d put it out for collection, and the garbage truck would take it away to a landfill, which, of course, is just a glorified garbage pile messing up someone else’s forest…

Prayers for Peacemakers, May 15, 2013

Ask for God's grace that the church may undo colonial oppression by opposing resource extraction at the expense of First Nations, and by respecting Indian life, lands and waters.  Pray for new Christian Peacemaker Teams delegates to First Nations territories in Canada.

ABORIGINAL JUSTICE: Anticipating a long, hot summer

Indigenous rights network Defenders of the Land entered into an alliance with Idle No More, anticipating a "Spring of Solidarity" and a "Summer of Sovereignty". Their statement includes a new call for nonviolent direct action to resist the unfettered, unconsented resource extraction affecting both indigenous and settler land users, and urban campaigns to educate, rally, and mobilize support.