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AT-TUWANI: Israeli settlers chase Palestinian children on their way to summer camp; Israeli military fails to protect children

On Wednesday 23 July, three Israeli settlers, one masked and wielding a stick, pursued fourteen Palestinian children who were on their way to a summer camp in At-Tuwani.  The children from the villages of Tuba and Maghaer Al-Abeed waited thirty minutes for the Israeli military escort that should have accompanied them on the most direct road between the villages of Tuba and At-Tuwani.  When the military failed to arrive, the children began walking along a long path through the hills to At-Tuwani.  When the children neared the Israeli settlement outpost of Havat Ma'on, three settlers with two dogs came out from the outpost and began walking in the direction of the children. 

SOUTH HEBRON HILLS REFLECTION: Living as an act of resistance-Kiryat Arba settlers steal all belongings of shepherd family

On Friday, 18 July 2008, Marius (another CPT intern) and I were on our way to Tel Arad, a Bedouin village in Israel that is not receiving any water from the Israeli government.  Just after we crossed into Israel, our ride, Arik Ascherman of Rabbis for Human Rights, got a call about an attack in the South Hebron Hills and we went to investigate.

Thirty settlers had arrived in cars at 9:30 that morning on a family's land near As-Samua  After attacking Mahmoud* and his family, the settlers took everything-the tent where the family lived next to their flocks, food, clothes, dishes, blankets.

HEBRON: Settlers decry "Activities of Leftist Organizations"

Recently, settlers in Hebron have increasingly demanded that the Israeli police remove Israeli and international peace and human rights organizations from the H-2 area of the city. Soldiers and settlers have succeeded in preventing two Israeli Breaking the Silence tours (see below) from entering Hebron, and police have informed CPTers they may not be in any of the areas where they might have contact with settlers-areas in which settlers attack and harass their Palestinian neighbors. Below is a section from the brochure that the settlers have been handing out to tour groups, entitled, "Inequality & Discrimination in Hebron. In contrast to the false anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli propaganda, here are the real facts: FACTS."

AT-TUWANI REFLECTION: Buckets and Demonstrations

Every evening when the heat breaks and it's time to draw water from the well, the children of At-Tuwani come to our house and ask us for our bucket. Our bucket is small and gray and exactly the same as every other bucket in the village; I think it's purely the thrill of asking us crazy foreigners "mumkin daloo?" ("Can we have the bucket?") that keeps the kids coming. Usually we hand over the bucket and return to whatever we are doing. But last night, my teammate Sarah politely turned down our young neighbors.

HEBRON: Israeli Soldiers terrorize seven families in nighttime home raid

At 1:30 a.m. on 10 July 2008, Israeli soldiers pulled up by a seven-apartment building in the Hawuz district of Hebron where members of the Amro, Abu Khalaf, Husseini and Butran families live. Through a loudspeaker, soldiers called out names of men inside and ordered them to come out. The building's owner, Samir Mohammad Amro, recognized the commander, who told him, "We need to look for weapons and we will turn this house upside down." Soldiers then threw five sound bombs into the building, causing general panic among the seven families-including twenty-six children-and ransacked the apartments. They flipped couches and chairs over and slashed the cushions with knives (but for the most part, not in such a way that the gashes would have revealed hidden weapons.) After pulling framed verses from the Quran off the walls in all of the apartments, soldiers stepped on them, smashing the glass. The soldiers also brought dogs and produced a machine that dug through the sewers.

Video footage showing the aftermath of the invasion and interviews with family members is available at .