Signs of the Times: October - December 2013; Vol. XXIII, No. 4



Iraqi Kurdistan

Villagers Seek Support as Government Eyes Oil
Iranian Kurds Seek to Halt Family Members' Executions
One Political Prisoner's Case
Students of Nonviolence: "We Want to Learn More"
Female Genital Mutilation on Decline in Iraqi Kurdistan


Las Pavas' "Nonviolent Way" Earns National Peace Prize
Friendship and Peacemaking

Aboriginal Justice

Covenant, Not Surrender: the Church has a Role in Treaties
Shale Gas Struggle Intensifies


Hebron: 4 Killed, Many Injured and Detained; Settlers Seize House
Israeli Soldiers, Border Police Mistreat Minor, Young Men
'Firing Zone': Soldiers Defy Court, Ransack Homes, Assault Driver
New Directions for CPT Palestine
Special Treatment
Refusing to Be Uprooted

CPT International

Peace, Pies and Prophets
CPT Launches "Plowing and Planting" Campaign
From the Outgoing Director


Key Upcoming Events

Service Roster


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