Join a Peacemaker Delegation

Short-term teams (5-14 days) travel to crisis settings to protect human rights, engage in public peace witness, and report to home churches. Open to applicants over age 18. [FIND OUT MORE]


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Become a CPTer: Join the Peacemaker Corps

Teams of trained peacemakers carry out CPT’s violence-reduction ministry at home and abroad. Corps members commit to full-time service for three years. Reservists support CPT work for periods of 2-12 weeks each year. [FIND OUT MORE]

Regional Groups

CPT supporters form Regional Groups to focus on local peace witness and undergird CPT’s ongoing work. Currently, Regional Groups are active in: AustralAsia (Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia), Netherlands, Ontario (Canada), Philippines, United Kingdom, Northern Indiana (USA), Washington, D.C. (USA), Colorado (USA).  [FIND OUT MORE]

Peacemaker Congress

Peacemakers of all ages gather for four days every other year to share stories, vision and inspiration for the long haul of peacemaking. Includes nonviolent public witness.

Financial Support

The tax-deductible donations of individuals and churches make CPT’s violence-reduction ministry possible. [DONATE NOW]

Action Alerts & Campaigns

The world-wide Church supports CPT’s ministry through public prayer, fasting and nonviolent action in response to specific crises and ongoing campaigns. Urgent Actions & Prayer Alerts urge supporters to take specific action on behalf of threatened individuals and communities.