Join a Peacemaker Delegation

Short-term teams (5-14 days) travel to crisis settings to protect human rights, engage in public peace witness, and report to home churches. Open to applicants over age 18. [FIND OUT MORE]


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Contribute Your Skills

We welcome you to share your skillsets as a contribution to the work of CPT. We especially appreciate the following:

  • Web Design
  • Legal Advice - Human resources/Labor law, as well as International Human Rights law.


Host a CPT Speaker or Trainer

Contact us to request more information to bring a speaker or trainer to your community.

Contribute Now

The tax-deductible donations of individuals and churches make CPT’s violence-reduction ministry possible. [DONATE NOW]

Action Alerts & Campaigns

The world-wide Church supports CPT’s ministry through public prayer, fasting and nonviolent action in response to specific crises and ongoing campaigns. Urgent Actions & Prayer Alerts urge supporters to take specific action on behalf of threatened individuals and communities.