CPT-Colombia rejects ELN violence and Colombian government response

On the morning of Thursday, 17 January a car bomb exploded inside the grounds of the General Santander Police Cadet Academy in Bogota killing twenty-one (including the car driver) and injuring over seventy people.  In a declaration sent on Monday, 21 January, the National Liberation Army (Spanish acronym, “ELN”), Colombia’s largest remaining guerrilla group, claimed responsibility. It declared the attack a legitimate act of war, because the attack was carried out against a police station.  It also justified its actions by saying that the Colombian military carried out attacks against the ELN in December. The ELN had declared a unilateral ceasefire during December as a show of good faith in advancing a negotiation process that could lead to a permanent agreement.

COLOMBIA: CPT-Colombia and other NGOs respond to court ruling stripping Las Pavas community of its legal rights

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT)-Colombia, alongside six other human rights and accompaniment organizations, recently wrote a public statement regarding a December ruling by a judge in the Specialized Circuit Court in Cartagena. She ruled that the campesinxs of Las Pavas cannot legally be categorized as forcibly displaced—even though paramilitaries drove them off their land—because they cannot prove they own their property.The ruling contradicts the body of international human rights law, and case law by the Supreme Court of Justice. This decision has serious implications for the legal continuity of the case, for each family that has been resisting on and harvesting the land and for the hope of land reform in Colombia.

Prayers for Peacemakers, 12 September 2018 Colombia

A campesina from Las Pavas salvages wood from a home she and her family had to abandon.

COLOMBIA: Our next delegation needs you 26 June– 6 July!

30 May 2018
COLOMBIA: Our next delegation needs you 26 June– 6 July!

Our next Colombia delegation needs you! We are urgently seeking more participants for a delegation scheduled to take place 26 June– 6 July. Without more applicants, the delegation cannot proceed.

Delegations are the best way to engage with CPT’s work and meet our amazing partners firsthand. If you or somebody you know is excited to learn more about CPT, there’s no better time than now!

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