IRAQ UPDATE: March 22-31, 2004


Monday, March 22
Le Anne Clausen and several representatives of Iraqi and international
human rights organizations accompanied an Iranian-born U.S. colleague to the
Iraqi Assistance Center.  Military officials there had summoned the
colleague for an interrogation and personal search two weeks after an
incident in which the soldiers searched the colleague in a culturally
inappropriate manner. (See March 16 release, "CPTer Forcefully Removed from
IAC.")  Upon the group's arrival, two U.S. counterintelligence agents
ushered the group into a small side building.  The officer who attempted an
inappropriate search of the female colleague was present and ran an
explosives test on the colleague's hands.  The officer reported that the
test came up "positive," and suggested all the human rights workers be
required to take the test. The counterintelligence agents consulted a legal
affairs officer to see if they could require the human rights workers to
divulge everyone whom they had been in contact with over the past several