Al Bowereh

Al Bowereh is a northeastern neighborhood of Hebron (Al-Khalil in Arabic) that lies directly opposite Givat Harsina, one of the four neighborhoods of the settlement Kiryat Arba. The area has a population of approximately 340 people, including 174 under the age of eighteen. Israeli settlers have constructed the outpost named Hilltop 26 on Palestinian farmland, and the outpost is considered  illegal under both international and Israeli law. Settlers have erected seven buildings in the outpost. They regularly attack Palestinians living there, including children as they walk to and from school. This harassment takes the form of stone throwing, physical assault, the uprooting of grape vines and destruction of other crops, vandalism, and intimidation. In addition, due to the proximity of Road 60 and the settlement, the Israeli military has placed demolition orders on almost all of the remaining homes in Al Bowereh


Role of CPT

Since November 2009, CPT has provided a consistent protective presence in the area, especially for the children returning home from school. Because there are currently 174 residents under the age of 18 in Al Bowereh, CPT’s accompaniment of the vulnerable school children is crucial. Normally, CPTers will arrive in Al Bowereh around 12:30 p.m. as the first batch of school children are arriving to walk home.  CPTers then accompany the children to a safe point. They repeat this process until 2:45 p.m. when the last group of school children arrive. If any settlers are present, CPT attempts to deter violence and documents the details from the encounter.

CPT’s Palestine team also visits at-risk families in the area to build relationships and gather information. Since the beginning of CPT’s work in Al Bowereh, the team has visited the area every one to two weeks along with peace and human rights activist Hani Abu Haikel, asking the neighbors for an update on the status of the community, and checking for expansion of the Kiryat Arba settlement outpost. Team members report any developments in the outpost to Settlement Watch and other peace and human rights monitoring groups.

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