Advance Reviews for 118 Days

Christ never promised it would be easy. That is, Christ did not say the work of peace would be without conflict. So we are fortunate to have this wonderful book and testimony to the pain, loss and elation it takes to do the work of peace. These honest and sobering reflections help all of us committed to the work of peace better understand the world in which we live. I hope this book will be widely read.
--Stanley Hauerwas

"God created us to form the human family. The Christian Peacemakers went to Iraq to help build that family. They went to work with their sisters and brothers for justice and peace. They are an example for Christians everywhere in their commitment to the Lord's ministry of reconciliation."
--Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“It's hard to imagine a network of people better prepared for nonviolent response to the traumas of a hostage crisis. Guided by the sensitive, honest, and compassionate writing in these accounts, readers will better understand the challenges CPT faced and the strength that fuels their abiding witness.”
--Kathy Kelly, Founder, Voices for Creative Nonviolence

"A deeply moving and inspirational read. The stories of the astonishingly wide community that mobilized to free the kidnapped Christian Peacemakers show that working from love, compassion and in their case faith really can change the world in amazing ways."
-- Judy Rebick, writer, broadcaster, feminist, and activist.

“Like many, from Advent 2005 through Lent 2006 our faith community vigiled intensely for the CPT Four, praying fervently for their lives and for the extraordinary witness of CPT around the world. This book now gives us the detailed stories that underpinned the heroic headlines. It offers snapshots of the magnificent web spun by CPT organizing, and we meet many of the faithful behind-the-scenes workers, in their power and frailty. This is a fascinating collection that illuminates the rich tapestry of CPT peacemaking, and invites us all to deeper courage and commitment.”
--Ched Myers, author of The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics

“CPT shuns lofty proclamations from a safe distance. Instead, they give of their time and money to spend months at a time in Hebron under less than comfortable conditions in order to be of genuine help. …Each time I meet [CPTers] my respect for them grows.”
--Dow Marmur, Rabbi Emeritus at Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, Canada,

“Like a tapestry woven with all the colours of life, this book weaves together the many details of the difficult story of kidnapping. The events are portrayed, but more importantly, the people are portrayed. So many people live the story and are changed forever by that living.”
--Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, General Secretary, Canadian Council of Churches

"[118 Days] contains a magnificent story, rare in our tormented world, of Christians taking Christ seriously, acting as though the truth were true."
--Daniel Berrigan, S. J.

"There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends," the nonviolent Jesus said. Tom Fox did just that. He and his Christian Peacemaker teammates obeyed the commandment to "love our enemies" by journeying to Iraq, befriending the Iraqis, and practicing nonviolence. In these pages, we hear their testimony, share their behind the scenes anguish, deepen in faith, hope and love, and receive a rare, authentic witness. Their story will inspire you to be a peacemaker, a follower of the nonviolent Jesus who works for a new world without war.
--Rev. John Dear, author of Living Peace, The Questions of Jesus, and Transfiguration

"118 Days is transforming. In terms of the larger story to which Christian Peacemaker Teams are committed, this description of the kidnapping of four of their members in Iraq, and the murder of one, Tom Fox, is profoundly Good News. If we as a human family are to turn from violence to nonviolence, as we must, then this bloody story of loving one's enemies to the point of giving one's life for their lives (and for life itself) has to break through our defenses.

I read about the captivity of Norman Kember, Jim Loney, Harmeet Singh Sooden, and the martyr Tom Fox with a sense of wonder. Disturbing, shaking, scandalous Good News from beginning to end."
-- Jim Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable