• CPTers come from a wide range of backgrounds...

  • we are ordinary people...

  • Building partnerships to transform violence and oppression...


Peacemaker Corps: full-time and part-time workers

These people staff our field-based violence reduction projects. They commit to full-time or part-time work for three years.

Administrative Team

CPT's "staff," this group is generally based in our offices. They also serve on our violence reduction teams in the field.

Steering Committee

Representatives from:

  • CPT's officially sponsoring groups and denominations
  • CPT's Peacemaker Corps
  • supporters who bring a balance of skills and voice from their commuinties

This body functions as the board of directors and has general oversite of CPT's programs and operations.


CPT is upheld by a sea of support: churches, organizations, individuals, meetings, fellowships, foundations, etc. CPT could not exist without this network of support. Thank you!