We have decided to make Christmas gifts to family this year with a contribution to organizations like yours that make a difference in places around the world with the greatest innocent suffering. Thank you.

Lin and David Zahrt
Turin, IA


I'm what might be called a "main-stream" Israeli - not the kind of person who would go demonstrating against the security fence since I support it. By chance I ran into a report of yours on poisoning of pastures which took place in 2005 by Havat Ma'on settlers. The more I read about what is going on there, the more rage I feel. The people there are far from being terrorists. They are simple people trying to make a living, while the settlers and the army do all they can to make life miserable. I am shocked and appalled. I am so upset that I would go out and do something I never dreamt of doing - to stand on "the other side."

Mike Berg
Tel Aviv, Israel

I find your work in Palestine very moving and am proud of the many "Easter people" who have been on the front line of peace work there.

Joy Pople
Baldwinsville, NY


Acá en Pereira seguiremos acompañándoles en oración. Decimos Amén a la entrada en paz de los miles de indígenas a Bogotá.

Martha Lucia Gómez
Here in Pereira we will continue to accompany CPT in prayer. We say Amen to the peaceful march of thousands of indigenous people to Bogota.

As a charter Reserve Corps member on the Hebron team in 1995, I hail your valiant efforts to make peace in a challenging place over such a long period. You brought hope where there was little to be had, a voice of reason to a crazy situation, and light to the dark. The dedication and courage of the CPTers I worked with, and those I have read about weekly for the past 13 years, have advanced tremendously the use of nonviolent action in dangerous situations. I am glad CPT will continue it's presence in At-Tuwani, and other places around the globe.

John Reuwer
Radford, VA


Thank you for all you do. What you leave behind will just keep working. Heart work never fades.

Penny Bainbridge
Douglas County, NE


Sorry to have the CPT Hebron site close! It's been a wonderful witness to the Hebron peoples as well as to us North Americans. I know from contacts among some Jews who live in Canada and Israel, that it has been seen as a good witness for peace and justice.

Brice Balmer
Kitchener, ON


My very first visit to Palestine in April/May 2002 was with CPT, and in 2003 I was fortunate to join a CPT delegation to Iraq. After that first CPT experience in the West Bank, I returned five more times. And just a few weeks ago I made my seventh visit to Palestine as one of the passengers who sailed to break the siege of Gaza (along with CPTer Anne Montgomery). It will be a very sad day for the Palestinians of Hebron when CPT closes the door of its apartment, and I know it will be hard for you to leave your friends there. I am humbled and privileged to have been allowed to join CPT.

Mary Hughes-Thompson
Los Angeles, CA


Your organization is a real blessing and a proof that violence can be eliminated without being mirrored, and that hatred can be overcome by love. God bless you.

Micael Grenholm