Winter Training Group

Thirteen people participated in CPT’s winter training (Dec. 27-Jan. 27).  Two joined CPT full time (FT); eight became part-time Reservists (R); three completed the training and will continue other peace work (CT).  Left to Right - Top section: Dan Gerber (Chicago, IL) - CT; Alwyn Knight (Kent, England) - R; Erika Friesen (Toronto, ON) - CT; John Hudson (Snow Rd. Station, ON) - R; Phil Hart (Columbus, OH) - R; Sylvia Morrison (Brampton, ON) - FT; Middle section: Rosemarie Milazzo (Maryknoll, NY) - R; Christie Schmid (Seattle, WA) - R; Carolyn Hudson (Snow Rd. Station, ON) - R; Monica Haas (Monroe, NJ) - R; Lois Mastrangelo (Watertown, MA) - CT; Bottom section: Chihchun Yuan (Taipei, Taiwan) - FT; Amanda Jokerst (St. Louis, MO) - R.