Prayers for Peacemakers, 25 November 2020, Iraqi Kurdistan

Please pray today for an end to escalating hostilities between the Iraqi Kurdistan government and guerrilla forces and for the safety of CPT's partners caught in-between.  

Partners of CPT Iraqi Kurdistan are facing a new threat. After the summer months filled with the worst Turkish bombardments in a decade, CPT's partners worry that a new war may break out around them.  

In October, the Kurdistan Regional Government began to deploy special military forces and heavy weaponry to areas with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) presence. The PKK is fighting a guerrilla war against the Turkish state and opposing the presence of Turkish bases and soldiers in Iraqi Kurdistan. 

CPT's partners, who live in these rural areas and whose villages Turkish drones and warplanes have been bombing, are now surrounded by Kurdistan's special forces on one side and guerrilla fighters on the other. They worry significantly about what the coming weeks will bring.