Prayers for Peacemakers 7 July 2021 Colombia


As of 28 June, Colombia has been on national strike for two months. During this time, we have witnessed the voices of young people who are demanding access to education, the voices of women who denounce the increase in femicides, the voices of workers demanding that their rights be respected, the voices of social leaders demanding a stop to the murders, the voices of the impoverished demanding basic income to help them survive a pandemic that has plunged them further into poverty.

There are thousands of voices found today in the streets of Colombia, voices that each scream their pain, their needs and their demands, who together are the voice of a people tired of being silent.

We ask for your prayers for:

  • All the young people who have been assassinated by the government during these two months of the strike.
  • Support for all those families who are looking for their missing relatives during these two months of the strike.
  • Understanding for a government that refuses to listen to the voices of a people tired of enduring so much.