Prayers for Peacemakers 21 July 2021 Palestine


Pray for the Palestinian prisoner Iyad Hriebat, who is paralyzed and suffers from amnesia after the Israeli occupation gave him a strange injection while in prison.

He was arrested in 2002, transferred between several prisons of the occupation and subjected to solitary confinement. Israeli authorities did not give his family any information about his whereabouts until two years after his arrest. They then prevented them from visiting Iyad until after his sentencing to life and 20 years in prison.

Iyad has survived two assassination attempts. In 2014, occupation forces injured Iyad while suppressing prisoners at Ramon prison, and he was transferred to the prison clinic. In the clinic, Israeli authorities gave him an injection in the head that caused him to lose his memory and movement of his limbs. The second time was in 2017 when the occupation sprayed him with a substance that turned his whole body black, and he lost 40 kg.