Signs of the Times: April - June 2015; Vol. XXV, No. 2



CPT International

Wade in the Water: From Palestine to Detroit, Water is a Human Rights Issue
London: Migrant Justice: CPT European Convergence joins vigil
Nigeria: Trauma, Courage, Healing: CPTer Peggy Gish on assignment with CPT sponsor


Micoahumado: Where War has Not Silenced Hope
Northeast Antioquia: Peace not Bombs

Iraqi Kurdistan

Defending the Land: Exxon-Mobil pollutes Kurdish villages
Powerful Prayer: reflection on Easter forgiveness
What Does Peace Look Like?: through the eyes of Syrian refugee children


A Week in the Life of Maher: soldier harassment targets Palestinian teen in Hebron
Support Susiya: Palestinian village faces obliteration
Entry Denied: CPTer en route to Palestine deported by Israel
Under Attack: settler violence with military collusion in Tel Rumedia

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity

What's in a Name?: CPT's Aboriginal Justice Team Announces Name Change
The Truth Comes Out: Canada Charged with "Cultural Genocide"

Letters from Readers

Key Events

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