Signs of the Times: Winter 2008; Vol. XVIII, No. 4


Aboriginal Justice   

Barriere Lake: Algonquins Face Riot Squad Again
Prayer as Insistent as the Rain
A Nation of Earth Stealers


Tiquisio: Struggling for Development and Peace
Grieving and Giving Thanks
San Pedro Frio: the World We Were Made For

DR Congo

Team Arrives for Work


Twice Displaced
Voices of Displaced Kurds
Iraqi Kurdistan: Noticing the Women
A Friend's Visit to Baghdad


At-Tuwani: Villagers Successfully Plow "Lost" Land After Bloody Attack on People, Livestock
At-Tuwani: "A Dangerous Journey"
Hiding and Seeking Freedom in Palestine
Gaza: "Nam, Nahnu Nastatyeh!" is Arabic for "Yes, We Can!"
Hebron: Settlers Beat Palestinian Reporter, Punch CPTer During Olive Harvest
Hebron: Update on Orphanages

In Harm's Way: a History of CPT

Peace Briefs

Get Involved

Delegations: Making Peace, Testing a Call
WANTED: Colombian and European CPTers
DU Weapons Project Testing Soil Near Arms Maker


Service Roster