México: Bety Cariño - ¡Presente!

On 27 April, paramilitaries in Oaxaca, México attacked an aid convoy and killed Alberta "Bety" Cariño Trujillo, director of CACTUS (Community Support Center Working Together) and Jyri Jaakkola, a Finnish human rights observer.

Cariño was one of the community leaders whom CPT accompanied during its presence in Oaxaca in December 2006.  Bety is survived by her two children and her husband, Omar Esparza, also a CACTUS leader previously accompanied by CPT, who is now under death threat.

The aid convoy was carrying food, water and other basic necessities to San Juan Copala.  Since January 2007 when the community declared its autonomy, paramilitaries allied with the state government have blockaded the village and prevented supplies or people from going in or out.

CACTUS is calling for “an impartial, expedient, and accurate investigation led by the Federal Attorney General’s Office in order to punish the murderers in this paramilitary group.”