CPT International: New Book on Iraq: "Walking Through Fire"


Iraq BookPeggy Gish has served in Iraq since joining CPT in 2002, first in Baghdad and now in Iraqi Kurdistan. When not on team, Peggy lives in Ohio, USA.

Through Iraqis’ eyes – through their stories – this book tells about what war and the U.S. government’s anti-terrorism policies have really meant for them.

Iraqis recount the abuses they experienced in detention systems, the excessive violence and collective punishment of the U.S.-led occupying forces, as well as tensions between Kurds and Arab Iraqis rooted in Saddam Hussein’s genocide against the Kurds.

The stories also describe the efforts of courageous and creative Iraqis speaking out against injustices and building movements of nonviolence and reconciliation.

We get a glimpse of how author Peggy Gish, immersed in the violence and chaos of war, dealt with the pain and suffering of those around her, as well as her own personal losses and kidnapping ordeal.

Her experiences strengthen her belief that the power of nonviolent suffering love is stronger than the power of violence and force, and can break down barriers and be transformative in threatening situations. She counters the myths of the superiority of violent force to root out evil in places such as Iraq and challenges us to do all we can to prevent the tragedy of any future war. Available for purchase from Wipf & Stock Publishers.