I read Signs of the Times and pay special attention to what’s happening in the Middle East. I admire your bold witness and acts of peacemaking. I scan your names and pray for the teams in the various project sites. God bless you, every one.
Fae Miller
Ohio, USA

Thanks for sending your newsletter telling of your peace work. May God’s peace and protection be with you.
Miriam Umble
Pennsylvania, USA

Somehow we got disconnected from CPT. We used to get the newsletter and would like to continue receiving it on-line (let’s save the planet). We really believe in the mission of CPT.. Hopefully this [donation] helps enable the mission of peace to continue.
Leann and Jerry Toews
Kansas, USA

I am repeatedly impressed and awe-struck by the work CPT does in the Middle East, Canada with First Nations, and Latin America. Thank you for doing what most of us cannot do. You are in my prayers.
 George Homanich
New York, USA

On pages 8 & 9 of the September 2014 issue we were awed to see the names of 260 Gazans who were killed during the month of July by the forces of hostility and violence. We are grateful for those who have stepped forward to make their witness for nonviolence and peace.
Don and Eleanor Kaufman
Kansas, USA

I am so encouraged by CPTers’ commitments and dedication.
Ethel Harder
California, USA

We recently returned from two weeks in Israel/Palestine on a study tour with Churches for Middle East Peace. We were able to visit CPT in Hebron and hear their stories and perspectives. We were very impressed by the team members and the work they are doing. We met a Brazilian and an American [from the USA], a Palestinian Christian and a Palestinian Muslim on the team. We have been supporting CPT for some years, but please find this year’s gift increased.
Andrew and Jewell Bolton
Missouri, USA

I was privileged to hear an inspiring talk by a CPTer [about Iraqi Kurdistan]. I was so moved that I am sending your organization a check. For your continued success toward building peace...
Jerome Berner
Ohio, USA

What a blessing your organization has been in teaching the power of nonviolence! In gratitude for your work, my community, the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross, offers this contribution and our prayers for God’s continued blessings on you and those you serve.
Sister Sally Ann Brickner, OSF
Wisconsin, USA