Palestine: Homes Demolished, Children Arrested, Protesters Attacked


Palestine - home demolitionOn 27 October 2014, Israeli bulldozers demolished six houses in the Palestinian village of Um Al-Kheir, South Hebron Hills, leaving 31 people homeless including 12 children. Israeli police detained two Israeli peace activists and arrested an international volunteer during the demolition.

In the month of October, Israeli police arrested three Palestinian boys, ages 10, 11 and 13, in Hebron. They accused the 13-year-old of throwing stones from the school yard at an iron-shelled military outpost 400 yards away. The 10-year-old was riding his bicycle outside his house.

On 29 November, Israeli soldiers launched a torrent of teargas and sound grenades at peaceful demonstrators protesting the closure of Checkpoint 56 in Hebron which connects the commercial district of the Old City to the neighborhood of Tel Rumeida. The Israeli military has refused to re-open the checkpoint since it was set on fire during clashes the previous week. This act of collective punishment forces the Palestinian families living in Tel Rumeida to walk an extra hour to reach their homes. CPT’s video footage of the demonstration is available at