Palestine: Practicing Gratitude

by CPT-Palestine

In the USA, the end of November marks the celebration of Thanksgiving.

In Hebron, we sometimes ask, “What can we possibly be thankful for?”

We witness the atrocities of Occupation all the time – teargas lobbed at children regularly, men and boys detained daily, Palestinians harassed frequently, violence, hopelessness…

In places like Hebron, we must practice gratitude. We must not let the bad that we see eclipse the good that abounds against all odds. For how can we possibly harness and share goodness if we are unable to recognize it around us?

And so, as a team, we reflect and share the some of the places and times where light breaks through darkness, where hope conquers despair, where love wins over hatred, fear, and apathy:

• I am grateful for family and friends that support us in every aspect of life.
• I am grateful for my son – the beauty and promise of his life and the lives of all the young children around me.
• I am grateful for Palestinians who show me what perseverance, courage, patience, and hospitality look like.
 • I am grateful for the the way thousand-year-old olive trees grow in dry, rocky places reminding me that the earth continues its steadfast resistance, slowly overtaking landscapes of fear.
• I am grateful for teammates and friends who show me how to live compassionately and how to embody humility by recognizing that our work is not our own, but God working through us.
 • I am grateful for the infinity of the sky to remind me of the expansiveness of God.

For these things and many more, we are deeply grateful. We hope that you too recognize beauty, notice grace, and practice gratitude wherever you may be.