Peacemaker Corps Application

This is a general information form to explore membership in CPT’s Peacemaker Corps.  It does not guarantee acceptance or placement.  Please include a resume detailing your work, education, and volunteer experience and submit it along with this application to CPT’s Personnel Coordinator at

Before proceeding, please be sure to read the details about our application process.

Personal Information

Name (as it appears on your passport)
CPT welcomes people of all gender identities. Please answer according to your own comfort.
Please share according to your comfort.
You must be 21 or over to apply.
Examples: African Descent, Asian Descent, European Descent, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Native American, Kurdish, Palestinian, etc.

Spiritual/Faith Community Information

Religious/Spiritual Community Contact

Employment Information

Current Employment Status
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Employer Contact Information

Skills and Training

Please check all areas in which you have training, certification, experience, or skills
Please list your fuency in speaking, reading, and writing for each as: basic, intermediate, or fluent. (Example: "German: Intermediate speaking, fluent reading, basic writing")

Fitness Information

CPT field work involves physical rigor, communication in crisis situations, and exposure to violence and trauma. Please evaluate your physical/medical and mental/emotional fitness for work under such conditions.
Please describe the convictions, beliefs, experiences and training which have prepared you for faith/spiritually-based peacemaking work in high risk situations. Include responses to the following questions:
  • Describe your faith/spirituality. How do you express your faith/spirituality in daily life?
  • What is your framework for using nonviolence in resolving conflicts or achieving objectives whether personal, group, national, or international?
  • Describe your experience and training in nonviolent direct action and/or mediation (include examples). How do you view arrest as a tool for nonviolent action? When and how have you participated in this type of peace witness?
  • What experience do you have working as part of a team and making decisions by consensus? How would you describe your work style in a team context?
  • What experience have you had living and working in another culture or with people of differing ethnic backgrounds, religious views, sexual orientations, etc.? In what ways have you engaged in anti-oppression work (racism, sexism, heterosexism, etc.)? Evaluate your ability to live and work closely with others.
  • What is your experience working in situations of crisis? How do you tend to react and what coping skills do you utilize? What do you need during those experiences?


List the names and complete contact information of five persons who know you well. Good references are, for example: faith/spiritual leader, teacher, friend, employer. Do not include more than one close relative.

Information to share: Name, Relationship to you, Email, Phone(s), Mailing address.

Additional Information

CPT Delegation PLANNED
For example: internship, regional group, etc. Give details, i.e. location and date.
Please indicate your interests (details on types of service here)
Check all that apply. Selections here do not guarantee placement.
Please indicate the location of training for which you are applying. (Upcoming training locations listed here)
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