In order to keep their peacemaking skills sharp, the CPT Ontario group spends part of each quarterly meeting doing roleplays in order to practice nonviolent responses to incidents that CPTers have encountered in "the field."  Meetings are also a time for group members, returning from CPT projects, to share and debrief their experiences with supportive friends.  In addition to serving on CPT's international projects, members of CPT Ontario work together to support local peace initiatives.

In 2003, CPT Ontario hosted or joined a variety of local peace witnesses, including actions to stop the war inIraq, a prayer walk in Hamilton's Red Hill Creek Valley to stop a planned expressway, a "community conversation" in Kitchner about the danger of violent toys, and two public witness events highlighting the current situation in Iraq at the Mennonite Church Canada Annual Assembly in St. Catharines.

Since forming in 1997, CPT Ontario has hosted two CPT regional trainings that trained 26 people to become CPT reservists.  CPT Ontario is currently preparing for a third training.  If you are interested in the training or finding out more about CPT Ontario, please contact Doug Pritchard, 416-423-5525, canada@cpt.org