Prayers for Peacemakers 14 April 2021 Colombia

There are millions of victims of violence in the world. There are millions of silenced voices in the attempt to defend the truth and demand justice. But we know that those who struggle do not die, they become legacies of love and we honour them when we relive their memory, when we exalt their fight and pass it on as an inheritance for future generations when we water their seeds and take care of the garden.

Prayers for Peacemakers 31 March 2021 Iraqi Kurdistan

Please pray for a fair appeal process for Sherwan Sherwani, Eyaz Karam, Shivan Saeed, Hariwan Essa and Guhdar Zebari. They were unjustly sentenced to six-year prison terms on 16 February and have been on a hunger strike since then. Please pray for the release of more than 20 journalists and civil rights activists from the Badinan region of Iraqi Kurdistan. Some have been held in government prisons for more than six months for reporting on corruption in the political parties, advocating for civil rights and participating in nonviolent protests.

Prayers for Peacemakers 17 March 2021 Palestine

This week we stand with the 28 Palestinian families who are facing the threat of losing their homes and becoming homeless in the Al-Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem. The Israeli court in occupied Jerusalem ruled to expel seven families from their properties. Four families must leave their homes by 2 May 2021, and three others by August 2021. We pray for justice for these families. We urge the United Nations and the Jordanian government to follow through with their promise to transfer ownership to these refugee families in 1956.

Prayers for Peacemakers 17 February 2021 Iraqi Kurdistan

Please pray that justice prevails over political agenda during the appeal of the six-year prison sentence for independent journalists Sherwan Sherwani, Eyaz Karam, Guhdar Zebari and civil rights activists Shvan Saeed and Hariwan Essa, known as the “Badinan prisoners”.  The criminal court sentenced five of CPT Iraqi Kurdistan’s partners, who are known for exposing political corruption and organizing civil rights initiatives, to six-year prison terms under the pretext of espionage and activities undermining state unity and security.  
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