Undoing Oppressions

The journey that has changed me

CPT's 35-year journey has taken the organization to different parts of the world. This anniversary occasion is a time to celebrate but also to reflect. This is a perfect opportunity for me, a Colombian woman and CPT reservist, to share the learnings and experiences that I have had at the internal and external level while working with the Colombia Team, the farming communities, and partner organizations CPT accompanies in Colombia’s Magdalena Medio region.

“When they have their foot on your neck, they can’t go anywhere either.”

As CPT continues to work alongside local communities for racial justice, we have to ask ourselves two questions: Beyond sit-ins, street demonstrations, and direct action, what is racial justice for our communities? And, what is a vision that will liberate people of colour (POCs) and white people collectively within and outside of CPT?

CPT International: Words. They Matter.

One of my favourite aspects of language is its malleability. As a society, we are ever-evolving and our language evolves with us. The beauty of having a means of expression that not only describes what we see, taste, touch, hear, and feel but also what we imagine and dream into being is always somewhat of a miracle to me. The realities we can create with language are endless. But this also means that what we speak out into the world shapes and forms how we perceive the world.

Vaccinated. A new category of privileges: Israel is taking the lead.

Israel was one of the first countries that raced to buy up large numbers of the COVID-19 vaccine and now have vaccinated almost 60% of its citizens. At this point, 116 of every 100 persons have been vaccinated with a total of 10,290,033 doses. The Israeli prime minister announced that Israel will be a model country having vaccinated all of its citizens over the age of 16 by the end of March. Now as the restaurants have resumed indoor service up to 75% capacity, "we are coming to life," the prime minister said.

They are killing us

In our long history of internal armed conflict, we have seen how increasingly mediocre governments appeal to militarism and barbarism to solve the armed conflict. So much so that for 60 years, assassination is a job in Colombia, where protection is synonymous with murder, and murder is synonymous with heroism. This militaristic structure considers those who carry weapons heroes, but it is so disconnected from reality that it does not explain to us how someone who kills his brothers and sisters becomes a hero without understanding why he or she did it. It is as arrogant a structure as those who run and promote it, people so arrogant and violent with poor people and so complacent with powerful people.

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Fight, flight, freeze

When I think about nonviolence, I don’t usually tie it to sharks. Still, here I was, I watching a documentary about sharks and considering the intricacies of the philosophy and the innate privilege that comes with it. Compared to axe-murders in the movie Jaws, sharks are representative of any unpredictable and life-threatening attack we may face in our lives. Sharks bring out our true colours, and our gut reactions are on display to the imminent danger. When a shark attacks a person in the ocean, what is a normal human reaction to this attack?

Prayers for Peacemakers 30 September 2020 Turtle Island

Pray with the San Carlos Apache: for protection of Chich’il Bildagoteel, the sacred land also known as Oak Flat, which is claimed by the United States in Arizona; for repentance of Resolution Copper, the corporation threatening sacred sites with what would be the largest copper mine in Turtle Island; for safety and blessing on the Apache and allies who resist the destruction.
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